The World’s
Leading Assets Trading Platform
Word class blockchain asset trading platform
The VNEX platform is a digital asset trading platform created by Decentralized Group, a senior quantitative trading team from Wall Street and Japan Europe. Committed to providing safe, fast and comfortable cryptocurrency trading services to global digital currency enthusiasts.
High performance
Million-level high-performance hybrid engine technology
Distributed “super node” plan, community full autonomy
Top security protection
Work with knowing Chuangyu and Palm Technology to protect user assets.
International Trading Platform

Support Chinese, English, Vietnamese, ect..provide good experience and service for international users, rich currency and currency information, including all major currencies in the markets, tap potential quality projects, platform

Provide a variety of trading methods such as legal currency contract leverage professional market.

French transaction
You can buy digital currency using legal currency such as RMB, Vietnam Dong, etc. Let you buy coins easily, safely and securely.
Professional market mechanism
There is no need to face the big market, you can understand the new market anytime, anywhere . No card, no downtime, clearer discs.